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Radio-collared wolves in the Superior National Forest that were killed by other wolves or probably killed by wolves between 1968 and 2014
Designated Wolf Recovery Areas -- Central Idaho and Yellowstone Nonessential Experimental Wolf Population Areas, and the Northwest Montana Recovery area. All of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming are included in one of these areas. The coverage contains additional arcs for the boundaries of the three states and Interstates 90 and 15 in Wyoming and Idaho.
Due to the fact that wolves require an adequate prey base of deer and elk and that winter months are likely to be the most difficult for wolf survival, the Gifford Pinchot National Forest's 1997 deer and elk biological winter range habitat data layer was used as a proxy for priority wolf habitat. Non-major roads that intersected with deer and elk biological winter range were prioritized for removal or winter closure in this data set.
Annual counts of gray wolves in a 2,060 sq km study area in the east-central part of the Superior National Forest, Minnesota, 2007-2016 based on number of wolf groups aerially observed or tracked during winters.
Conclusions: Caribou mortalities attributed to wolf predation were generally closer to a corridor, indicating that linear corridors may enhance wolf predation efficiency. Therefore, caribou existing closer to linear corridors are at a higher risk of depredation than those farther from corridors. Thresholds/Learnings: Synopsis: This study tested the hypothesis that linear corridors affect caribou and wolf activities by examining the distribution of telemetry locations of caribou and wolves, as well as locations of caribou mortality and caribou predation by wolves relative to linear corridors caused by roads, seismic lines, power lines, and pipeline rights-of-way. Caribou mortalities attributed to wolf predation...

    map background search result map search result map Wolf Recovery Administrative Areas Distribution of caribou and wolves in relation to linear corridors GPNF Rd Removal in Winter Range WolfCountsSuperiorNationalForest2007-2016 WolfCountsSuperiorNationalForest2007-2016 GPNF Rd Removal in Winter Range Distribution of caribou and wolves in relation to linear corridors Wolf Recovery Administrative Areas