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Ron Hess

Paper files for 1058 entries for geothermal well files whether drilled or not. Some files are for "Project Areas", which contain a number of proposed wells that are later individually repermitted. The files are filed by: 1) a code tied to NBMG Bulletin 91, "Thermal Waters of Nevada"; and 2) permit or related number. The files are copies of documents required to be turned in to the Nevada Division of Minerals, which is the main state regulatory agency for geothermal exploration. Also, the NBMG has some many files that predate 1985 when Nevada Division of Minerals took over permitting from the Nevada Division of Water Resources. The files contain permits, sundry notices, logs, geology reports, scout cards, water analyses,...
Collection of open-file reports and other publications mostly from the U. S. Geological Survey, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, Nevada Division of Minerals, Nevada Division of Water Resources, Nevada Mine Safety and Training, U. S. Bureau of Land Management, U. S. Bureau of Mines, U. S. Dept. of Energy, and other organizations. The engineering files were entered as part of this Inventory Project. The items are generally sorted by topic or publication series and range in size from one page or map to hundreds of pages with many large maps. Open-File Report Collection Though the collection is adequately stored for present usage, the files are paper and are slowly degrading with use. The U. S. Geological Survey...
400 items containing an unknown number of pages of mostly reports and maps. Years ago, this collection was part of the Mining District Files. It was separated out to create a collection of items that cover areas, while the Mining District Files in general were to be for points such as individual mines, claims, deposits, and the like. The media is mainly paper, linen, vellum, and mylar. The collection is divided up into the State of Nevada, 1' by 1' quadrangles, and counties. This collection will eventually be reintegrated into the Mining District Files. Nevada Geology File The collection is indexed by typed and handwritten notes in a binder. It will eventually be reintegrated back into the Mining District Files,...
NOTES: Regional analysis map; scale: 1 inch = 29 miles; UTMs from center of map area NUMBER OF PAGES: 1 Large Plate
Categories: Physical Item; Tags: Maps, Paper reports
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