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Steve Bowman

The UGS Aerial Imagery Collection contains aerial photography of Utah originally taken from 1935 to the present, and includes over 125,000 frames and associated indexes, orthophotomaps (semi-controlled orthophotos), and other materials. Aerial photographs are highly sought after for use in geologic, geotechnical, and environmental investigations to document geologic hazards, land-use, geomorphologic, and other changes that may have occurred in a particular area, along with mapping geology, cultural, and vegetation features. The collection contains scanned images of aerial photograhs of Utah and a 0.2 degree buffer beyond the boundaries of Utah from 1935 to the present.
The Utah Geological Survey GeoData Archive System contains Utah geologic- and wetlands-related scanned documents, photographs (except aerial), and other digital materials (resources) from our files, and those gathered from other agencies or organizations in one east-to-use web-based system. Resources available to general users are all in the public domain and may contain reports submitted to state and locall governments as part of permit reviews (and as a result are in the public domain). Metadata describing each resource is searchable, along with spatial searching for resources that are local or site-specific in nature (Geographic Search link in Simple Search pane). Resources representing counties, regional...
The Utah Geological Survey (UGS) Geologic Map Database (MAPBIB) contains an inventory of approximately 2850 geologic maps covering various parts of Utah, that date from about 1890 to present, and that vary from formally published USGS and UGS Map and Bulletin Series maps, to informal consulting reports and internal unpublished “sketch” maps. About half of these maps were published in production runs in which hundreds of copies were printed – most of these maps are still widely distributed and readily available. However, over 1000 of the maps in our MAPBIB database were produced in only very limited numbers, are completely out of print, are in obscure or remote libraries, or are limited-distribution “gray” literature...
This item represents a single aerial photography frame that is part of the Utah Geological Survey (UGS) Historical Aerial Photography Collection, housed at the UGS offices in Salt Lake City. Frames may be available from the DNR Library (801) 537-3333.
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