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Maryland/Delaware/Washington D.C. Water Science Center

Maryland-Delaware-District of Columbia Water Science Center

U.S. Geological Survey
5522 Research Park Drive
Baltimore , MD 21228
Parent Organization: Office of the Northeast Regional Director
This metadata record covers 18 comma delimited files that support the USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2018-5022 Manure and Fertilizer Inputs to Land in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, 1950-2014 by Jennifer Keisman, Olivia Devereux, Andrew LaMotte, Andrew Sekellick, and Joel Blomquist. The data were created by running scenarios through the Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership Phase 5.3.2 Watershed Model for years between 1985 and 2014. Scenarios include data with the reported Best Management Practice (BMP) for each year, as well as scenarios with no BMPs for each year. Data include summaries of the amount of land use change and animal BMPs reported as implemented for each year. Data originated with the Chesapeake...
This metadata record document contains 7 tables used to assess factors influencing long-term water quality changes in the Gwynns Falls, Baltimore, MD, 1998-2016. Included are daily discharge measurements (source: United States Geological Survey (USGS), 2016), weekly nutrient sampling concentrations (source: Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES), 2015), and approximately monthly bacteria, ammonia, TKN, and TSS sampling concentrations (source: Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW), 2016; Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (DEPS), 2016). Annual loads were calculated for each Gwynns Falls subwatershed from the discharge measurements and sampling concentrations. Green infrastructure...
These data are a subset of categories and items from county-level data for the conterminous United States covering the census reporting years beginning with the 1950 Census of Agriculture and ending with the 2012 Census of Agriculture. Historical (1950-1997) data were extracted from digital files obtained through the Intra-university Consortium on Political and Social Research (ICPSR). More current (1997-2012) data were extracted from the National Agriculture Statistical Service(NASS) Census Query Tool for the census years of 1997, 2002, 2007, and 2012. Please refer to the Supplemental Information element of the metadata for information on the Census of Agriculture, the Inter-university Consortium for Political...
These data represent input and estimates from a medium-resolution (1:100,000 scale) NHDPlus SPAtially Referenced Regression on Watershed attributes (SPARROW) model for the Chesapeake Bay watershed (CBSS_v2). The model spatially correlates long-term mean annual suspended-sediment flux in 113 non-tidal streams to likely upland and stream-corridor sources, landscape factors affecting upland sediment transport and delivery to stream corridors, and fluvial and reservoir retention representing the early 2000 time period. The item COMID is a common related field between the data file and the spatial component (catchments) in NHDPlus version 1.0.
This metadata record describes the average daily precipitation intensity for rain events during the 30-year period 1981 – 2010 for the conterminous United States. A rain event is defined as a period when the number of consecutive days with precipitation equals or exceeds 1 millimeter. Daily precipitation intensity is defined as the amount of precipitation over the duration of a rain event divided by the number of days in a rain event. The source data was produced and acquired from DAYMET (2018) and is presented here as a 1-kilometer resolution GeoTIFF file.
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