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Indiana Geological and Water Survey

Indiana Geological and Water Survey

The mission of the Indiana Geological and Water Survey is to provide geologic information and counsel that contribute to the wise stewardship of the energy, mineral, and water resources of the state.

Since 1837, the health, safety, and welfare of Indiana’s citizenry have benefited through a combination of Indiana Geological and Water Survey activities.

  • Focused research initiatives and cooperative investigations with governmental agencies, businesses and industries, and educational organizations
  • Geologic sample and data collection and archiving
  • Dissemination of information in many forms, including published maps, reports, databases, and educational outreach programs

These activities fulfill an important part of the public service mission of Indiana University by addressing Indiana’s need for the timely evaluation of its geological resources and hazards in light of complex and evolving economic and societal needs.

611 N. Walnut Grove
Bloomington , Indiana 47405-2208
Illustrations; photos; Dimension stone operation maps; aerial photos with data point 1946 & 1958; Monroe County maps - Salem Limestone
Categories: Physical Item; Types: Collection; Tags: Maps, ndc_collection
Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) geologist Ned Smith's work maps and information for IGS Guidebook 7; Salem Limestone and Associated Formations in South-Central Indiana, 1954 and IGS Atlas of Mineral Resources of Indiana Maps 8: Map of Bedford-Bloomington Dimension Stone Belt Showing Mills, Quarries, and Outcrop of Salem Limestone, 1956.
Hand-drawn drill log cross-sections containing coal around Evansville, Indiana. Each log is labeled with an identification number but otherwise there is no other labeling or identifiers.
Categories: Physical Item; Types: Collection; Tags: Well Logs, ndc_collection
Copies of Harold C Hutchison's, Indiana Geological Survey coal geologist, 7.5-minute quadrangle work maps for Indiana
Work maps at a 7.5-minute quadrangle scale and materials for Special Report 06 publication of the Indiana Geological Survey by Richard L Powell, 1972
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