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Andrew S Gendaszek

Research Hydrologist

Washington Water Science Center

Office Phone: 253-552-1612
ORCID: 0000-0002-2373-8986

Kress/PAyless Building
934 Broadway
Suite 300
Tacoma , WA 98402

Supervisor: Stuart B Norton
This release contains data collected to study the impacts of vegetation removal on the condition of Lake Ozette Sockeye spawning habitat. From October 2018 to May 2019, continuous sediment temperature and subsurface dissolved oxygen were collected at sites near Olsen's Beach on the eastern shore of Lake Ozette, WA. Data were collected from 3 sites; a spawning control (SC) where sockeye currently return to spawn; a vegetation control (VC) where nearshore vegetation inhibits the amount of sockeye spawning; and a vegetation treatment (TR) area where nearshore vegetation was manually removed to assess if habitat quality can be improved. In addition to the continuous data, particle size data from the nearshore were determined...
This dataset includes continuous dissolved oxygen and temperature data from the nearshore of Lake Ozette, WA. Data were collected using a HOBO (U26-001) dissolved oxygen/temperature sensor housed inside a self-contained PVC well screen installed to a depth of 15cm in the lakebed. Data was collected continuously from October 2018 to May 2019. This data was part of a project that studied the impact of removing nearshore vegetation on the quality of spawning habitat of native Lake Ozette sockeye. The study area consisted of 3 areas where dissolved oxygen and temperature were collected. A spawning control (SC) where sockeye currently return to spawn; a vegetation control (VC) where nearshore vegetation inhibits the...
This archive documents a Soil Water Balance (SWB) model of the 895-square mile upper Chehalis River Basin upstream of Grand Mound, Washington. The SWB model used to estimate a water budget (including precipitation, interception, groundwater recharge, surface runoff, and groundwater pumping) for the upper Chehalis River Basin during October 2001–September 2015.
Accelerometer scour monitors were deployed on the South Fork Tolt River, Washington from Water Year 2016 to 2017 as part of a study on the timing of streambed scour in salmon-spawning habitat. This data release contains data of the three-dimensional orientation recorded at 15-minute intervals for the accelerometer monitors. Each accelerometer scour monitor was comprised of two individual accelerometers that were deployed in a vertical profile within the streambed.
Longitudinal profiles of near-streambed water temperature were measured at ambient river velocity using the method of Vacarro and Maloy (2006) within nine reaches of the Yakima River between Sunnyside Diversion Dam near Parker, WA and the confluence of the Yakima River with the Columbia River near Richland, WA. In eight reaches, near-streambed water temperature was measured along three profiles on the right, center, and left sides of the channel; in the other reach, water temperature was measured along two profiles on the right and left sides of the channel. Temperature and location data was collected and processed in accordance with Washington State Department of Ecology Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) No....
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