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Linda R. Roberts

The U.S. Geological Survey began data-collection activities in the Eastern Iowa Basins study unit of the National Water-Quality Assessment Program in September 1995 with the purpose of determining the status and trends in water quality. Surface-water data were collected, beginning in March 1996, on a monthly basis with occasional extra high- and low-flow samples. Data collected from 12 sites on rivers and streams in the study unit included determinations of the physical properties and concentrations of nutrients, major ions, organic carbon, trace elements, suspended sediment, and dissolved pesticides. Data collected at four additional sites included physical parameters and determination of the concentration of dissolved...
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Human activities have caused dramatic changes to our Nation's landscape for over a century. Use of synthetic organic compounds in agriculture and industry has resulted in the accumulation and persistence of some of these compounds in natural systems. Concern has arisen over the contamination of our Nation's waters and the organisms that depend on them.
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