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This dataset represents elevation for the Northern U.S. and Canada. This Digital Elevation Model (DEM) was created by mosaicing two datasets: 1. U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) 30 meter National Elevation Dataset (NED) , ~1 arc-second data that is updated over large areas by integrating the 10 meter or better source data (where available), re-sampled to 1 arc-second. 2. The Canadian Digital Elevation Data, Level 1 (CDED1) The Center of Topographic Information (CTI) jointly produces the CDED with federal, provincial, and territorial government agencies as well as the private sector. The CDED consists of an ordered array of ground or reflective surface elevations, recorded in meters, at regularly spaced intervals....
Sky Island Alliance will develop science and conservation-based guidance to assist natural resource managers in responding to expected climate change and other stressors on springs ecosystems in sky island regions of the Desert LCC. The project will result in publication of an Arizona Springs Restoration Handbook, which will aid managers in directing limited resources to preserve these key water resources and species that depend on them.
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