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Metadata for a Regional GIS, categorized as Don't Duck Metadata, received by Wilkes University, under award number 99HQGR0193, in the year 1999. Metadata for a Regional GISCategory: Don't Duck MetadataRecipient: Wilkes UniversityAward Number: 99HQGR0193Year: 1999Visit Project Page
Real Property Project, categorized as Don't Duck Metadata, received by County of Hancock, under award number 99HQGR0139, in the year 1999. Real Property ProjectCategory: Don't Duck MetadataRecipient: County of HancockAward Number: 99HQGR0139Year: 1999Visit Project Page
Indiana Don't Duck Metadata Program, categorized as Don't Duck Metadata, received by Watershed Research, Indiana, under award number 99HQGR0190, in the year 1999.
Web Mapping Testbed, categorized as Web Mapping Testbed, received by NOAA National Geophysical Data Center, under award number 00IA004, in the year 2000.

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