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This map illustrates extents and types of unconsolidated deposits and bedrock in the Big Delta A-4 Quadrangle, Alaska. This map is based on field observations begun by P�w� in 1949 and by Reger in 1976. Unit characteristics and extents were determined during field visits and by interpreting 1:40,000-scale black-and-white aerial photographs taken in August 1949 and 1:63,360-scale, false-color infrared aerial photographs taken in July 1978, August 1980, and August 1981.
The data release consists of a single NetCDF file with results from a suite of ice sheet model simulations. We ran with Community Ice Sheet Model (CISM2) with input from models used in the Palaeoclimate Modelling Intercomparison 3 (PMIP3). The NetCDF file contains output from model year 50,000 for a limited number of variables to keep the file size reasonably small. This subset of variables are the ones we focus our analysis and paper on.

map background search result map search result map Geologic map of the Big Delta A-4 Quadrangle, Alaska Geologic map of the Big Delta A-4 Quadrangle, Alaska