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A comprehensive list of 38 categories of anthropogenic drivers of change in marine ecosystems developed through expert workshops (S1) was assessed for data availability on a global scale. We intentionally did not further subdivide these categories into unique drivers (e.g. each specific type of pollutant) as this would lead to over-emphasis of certain activities when impacts are summed. We limited our analyses to anthropogenic drivers with pre-existing global coverage or those for which we could assemble or develop global coverage. Although many regional-scale data and data with a global scope but incomplete coverage exist for a variety of specific human activities, inclusion of these data would bias global comparisons...
We propose to support the revision and implementation of the South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative’s Conservation Blueprint by integrating its Ecosystem Indicators into a structured decision support system that makes explicit how the Indicators are interrelated and how these will respond to management and policy interventions aimed at improving the conservation status of the South Atlantic region. Our specific objectives are to (1) develop ecological production functions that predict theecological impacts of selected conservation actions relative to current conditions, and to propagate these impacts through other affected systems or functions; (2) codify protocols for updating and curating geospatial...

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