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I investigated the individual and joint effects of simulated herbivory and interspecific competition on survival of Coleogyne ramosissima Torr. (blackbrush) seedlings. Seeds of C. ramosissima and Bromus rubens L. (red brome grass) were collected at mid-elevations (1220 to 1770 m) of the Spring Mountains in southern Nevada. A pot trial experiment was conducted for six months (27 wk) in a controlled environmental greenhouse. This trial experiment, consisting of a 2 � 2 factorial design with simulated rodent herbivory and interspecific competition with B. rubens as the main effects, resulted in four treatments. Herbivory on C. ramosissima by heteromyid and non-heteromyid species of rodents was simulated by clipping...
Human expansion into the Mojave Desert is a significant threat to rare desert plants. While immediate habitat loss is often the greatest concern, rare plants situated near areas where soil surfaces experience frequent disturbance may be indirectly impacted when fine particulate dust accumulates on leaf surfaces. Remaining populations of the federally listed Astragalus jaegerianus (Lane Mountain milkvetch) occur on land open to expanding military activities and on adjacent public land with increasing recreational use. This study was initiated to determine whether dust accumulation could decrease the vigor and fitness of A. jaegerianus through reduced growth. Beginning in early May 2004, plants located on Bureau of...