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This data release consist of the annual sediment depositional volume at five floodplain and five point bar sites on Powder River in southeastern Montana from 1979 through 2017. These 10 sites are a subgroup of a larger group of cross-sections established in 1975 and 1977 to monitor the channel changes along a 90-kilometer reach of Powder River. In addition to the sediment deposition data, characteristic of the annual peak flood are listed. The data are in 1 Excel files containing worksheets (10) corresponding to each channel cross-section .
Cultivated lands in the U.S. Midwest have been affected by soil erosion, causing soil organic carbon (SOC) redistribution in the landscape and other environmental and agricultural problems. The importance of SOC redistribution on soil productivity and crop yield, however, is still uncertain. In this study, we used a model framework, which includes the Unit Stream Power-based Erosion Deposition (USPED) and the Tillage Erosion Prediction (TEP) models, to understand the soil and SOC redistribution caused by water and tillage erosion in two agricultural fields in the U.S. Midwest. This model framework was evaluated for different digital elevation model (DEM) spatial resolutions (10-m, 24-m, 30-m, and 56-m) and topographic...
The rates and styles of channel adjustments following an abrupt and voluminous sediment pulse are investigated in the context of site and valley characteristics and time-varying sediment transport regimes. Approximately 10.5 x 106m3 of stored gravel and sand was exposed when Barlin Dam failed during Typhoon WeiPa in 2007. The dam was located on the Dahan River, Taiwan, a system characterized by steep river gradients, typhoon- and monsoon-driven hydrology, high, episodic sediment supply, and highly variable hydraulic conditions. Topography, bulk sediment samples, aerial photos, and simulated hydraulic conditions are analyzed to investigate temporal and spatial patterns in morphology and likely sediment transport...

map background search result map search result map Sediment Deposition on Floodplains and Point Bars of Powder River in Southeastern Montana from 1979 through 2017 Sediment Deposition on Floodplains and Point Bars of Powder River in Southeastern Montana from 1979 through 2017