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This sample is light olive to brownish black. It exhibits a cumulate texture with anhedral chromite crystals in a matrix of serpentine minerals. The matrix weathers to moderate yellowish brown on uncut surfaces. Cut chromite crystals show alteration rinds that stand out because of a change in luster; dull in the rind, submetallic in the center. Chromite crystals are also highly fractured with the same alteration following the fractures.
This skarn is dominated by reddish brown garnet, glassy gray quartz, and white scheelite. The garnet is fine-grained and mostly subhedral with the largest crystals reaching 2mm in size. The scheelite forms massive euhedral porphyroblasts, the longest of which in this sample is about 3cm long.
This is a rendition of an original test item developed by Lucas Evart. It is an unknown sample from an unknown location with completely made-up metadata to demonstrate the concept of hosting this kind of item in ScienceBase.

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