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Collection of oil and gas rock cores from Alaska (GMC)


This collection is comprised of oil- and gas-related well cores and cuttings from wells drilled to either test for the presence of liquid or gas fossil fuels, examine subsurface stratigraphy and structures, or to produce liquid or gas fossil fuels. All well data in the Alaska Geologic Materials Center (GMC) database represents both exploration and production wells. Core has been donated by oil and gas exploration companies as well as state and federal agencies. This oil and gas related sample collection includes core, core chip, side wall core, cuttings, and unwashed cutting samples as well as oil and gas related surface and shot-hole samples.

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Please view the full GMC inventory at or contact the GMC, at 907-696-0079 or visit the website to arrange a visit.


The Alaska Geologic Materials Center (GMC) connects the state's largest geologic collections to research, industry and education communities for the purposes of greater geologic understanding, increased awareness of economic opportunities, and to stimulate public interest and understanding in Alaska's geologic history.


All samples, processed materials, maps, documents, and data reports at the Alaska GMC are available to the public for examination except those designated by the Curator as confidential. Please view the use and access constraints on the Geologic Materials Center website:


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This collection has been reviewed and updated by funding from FY 2020 National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program, award number G19AP00077.

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