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Ridge near Poison Lake. Converse County, Wyoming. 1922.


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Ridge near Poison Lake, south of Douglas, at the right, massive conglomerate correlated with the lower sandstone of the Dakota group at Bellvue, Colorado; overlain by the variegated lower shale in the smooth slope to the left of the massive layer; the middle sandstone inconspicuously exposed, forming the highest point; the middle shale still farther to the left; and the upper sandstone forming the slope to the left of that. Converse County, Wyoming. 1922. Plate 30-A in U.S. Geological Surrvey. Professional paper 149. 1927. Plate 4-B in U.S. Geological Survey. Bulletin 751. 1925.


Data Owner :
U.S. Geological Survey
Photographer :
Lee, Willis Thomas

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