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Form a panorama of Big Horn Hot Spring, Thermopolis. Hot Springs County, Wyoming. 1922.


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Form a panorama of Big Horn Hot Spring, Thermopolis; looking east across Big Horn River and the terraces of travertine to the "Red Beds' which are inclined southward on the flank of a sharp anticline whose apex lies to the left. From this anticline 18,600,000 gallons of sulphur water issues every 24 hours, having a temperature of 135 degrees F, and carrying calcium carbonate and other mineral matter in solution. In the distance in order from left to right, are the older Chugwater red beds, the Alcova marine limestone, gypsum and shale of the upper part of the Chugwater, the marine Sundance formation, (the basal sandstone is absent here), the Morrison formation and the sandstone correlated with the lower sandstone of the Dakota group. [...]


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U.S. Geological Survey
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Lee, Willis Thomas

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