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South Cascade Glacier, North Cascade Range. Chelan and Skagit Counties, Washington. 1965.


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Album caption and index card: South Cascade Glacier, North Cascade Range. Photo no. 8 was taken presumably in the autumn of 1928. Photo no. 9 was taken September 23, 1965. Note that the transient snowline is very near the same position in 1965 as in 1928, so that accumulation areas for both years are similar in size. The higher altitude glaciers and perennial snowfields shown in these photos have changed very little in size. However, because the exposed ice areas below the equilibrium line were much larger in 1928, ice loss would be much greater in 1928 than in 1965 even with similar meteorological conditions. Most of the mass loss in the 1928-65 interval occurred below the present equilibrium line. Chelan and Skagit Counties, Washington. [...]


Data Owner :
U.S. Geological Survey
Photographer :
Meier, Mark Frederick

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Available in the U.S. Geological Survey Denver Library Photographic Collection, Meier, M.F. Collection.


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