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Forecast/Nowcast annual flow estimates for unmonitored Lake Michigan streams using the Water Availability Tool for Environmental Resources (WATER) and global circulation models


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Description of Work USGS is creating forecasting tools for managers to determine how water withdrawals or other hydrologic or land use changes in watersheds may affect Great Lakes ecosystems. This project is determining fish distributions in Great Lakes tributaries and how changes in stream flow may affect them. This information will help guide restoration efforts to achieve maximum effectiveness and success. Estimates were produced using WATER - a TOPMODEL based tool that estimates streamflow at any point along the stream network. The pour point is selected using a point-and-click GUI that samples information about the basin using a geodatabase of topographic and soil data spatial layers.

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Principal Investigator :
Tanja N Williamson
Point of Contact :
Dale M Robertson, Hugh L Nelson
(other) :
Kentucky Water Science Center

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Direct questions and requests to the Principle Investigator.


Annual flow estimates that can be used for future water-quality impacts to Lake Michigan using the SPARROW model.

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