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Communication and Demonstration for new technologies for the Control and Monitoring of Asian carp


Description of Work The USGS will communicate these results through coordinating site visits to demonstrate how technologies are applied. USGS will coordinate the communication approach across multiple projects to most efficiently demonstrate technologies and get the information to the stakeholders and managers. A demonstration of Asian carp control technologies occurred in August 2013 near Morris, Illinois at a backwater pond of the Illinois River. State and federal partners were invited to visit an application of the Integrated Pest Management approach to Asian carp control. Water guns, algal feeding attractant, acoustic fish tracking, and commercial fishing were implemented in a coordinated manner to reduce the Asian carp population [...]


Principal Investigator :
Elizabeth Murphy
Associate Project Chief :
Sandra Morrison
Lead Organization :
Illinois Water Science Center

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As new control technologies have and will be developed to control and monitor the Asian carp, such as water guns, carbon dioxide barriers, food attractants, and targeted oral-delivery platforms, results will need to be communicated to managers responsible for implementing the control technologies.

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  • Great Lakes Restoration Initiative



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