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A landscape-based assessment of climate change vulnerability for native Hawaiian plants.

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Lucas Fortini


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Fortini LB et al. 2013. A landscape-based assessment of climate change vulnerability for all native Hawaiian plants. Page 141. 44. Hawaii Cooperative Studies Unit, Hilo, HI, USA. Available from


In Hawaiʽi and elsewhere, research efforts have focused on two main approaches to determine the potential impacts of climate change on individual species: estimating species vulnerabilities and projecting responses of species to expected changes. We integrated these approaches by defining vulnerability as the inability of species to exhibit any of the responses necessary for persistence under climate change (i.e., tolerate projected changes, endure in microrefugia, or migrate to new climate-compatible areas, but excluding evolutionary adaptation). To operationalize this response-based definition of species vulnerability within a landscape-based analysis, we used current and future climate envelopes for each species to define zones [...]

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Principal Investigator :
Lucas Fortini

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