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Omernik Level III Ecoregions for the US (including Alaska) for use as a reference data collection


Ecoregions denote areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources. They are designed to serve as a spatial framework for the research, assessment, management, and monitoring of ecosystems and ecosystem components. These general purpose regions are critical for structuring and implementing ecosystem management strategies across federal agencies, state agencies, and nongovernment organizations that are responsible for different types of resources within the same geographical areas. The approach used to compile this map is based on the premise that ecological regions can be identified through the analysis of patterns of biotic and abiotic phenomena, including geology, physiography, [...]

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Principal Investigator :
James Omernik, Alisa L Gallant

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“Zipped Shapefile with CONUS Level 3 Ecoregions”
27.13 MB application/zip
“Zipped Shapefile with Alaska Level 3 Ecoregions”
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“Zipped file GDB with CONUS Level 3 Ecoregions”
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“Zipped file GDB with Alaska Level 3 Ecoregions”
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“Descriptions of Ecoregions as Tab Delimited Text File”
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“Unaltered Zipped Shapefile with Alaska Level 3 Ecoregions: Retrieved 20171219”
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“Unaltered Zipped Shapefile with CONUS Level 3 Ecoregions: Retrieved 20171219”
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This ScienceBase collection organizes the Level III ecoregions for the U.S. (including Alaska) into a set of items with short descriptions pulled from the individual set of descriptions online. It serves as a reference of ecological contexts in the Biogeographic Information System to which biodiversity and ecological system variables are summarized in databases of the Biogeographic Analytical Toolkit. The intent is for this to serve as a registry of ecoregions, providing the ScienceBase URIs for reference in other linked data systems.


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Data source
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Level III ecoregion data was assembled into this collection using the U.S. names from the downloadable database and descriptions from accompanying documentation (reference link on this item). The ecoregion boundaries were merged into single feature multi-polygons and saved here in Esri Shapefile and Geodatabase formats. The merged feature data will be used to replace current polygons in the ScienceBase Master Extents data source for use in the Footprinter, and those extents will be used for the individual ecoregion items located in this collection.

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Alternate Titles

  • Omernik Level III Ecoregion

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crsEPSG:900913, EPSG:54004, EPSG:3857, EPSG:3785, EPSG:3587, EPSG:102113

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