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Quantitative attribution of major driving forces on soil organic carbon dynamics


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Zhao, F., C. Huang, and Z. Zhu, 2015, Use of Vegetation Change Tracker and Support Vector Machine to Map Disturbance Types in Greater Yellowstone Ecosystems in a 1984-2010 Landsat Time Series. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters (Volume:12, Issue: 8), doi 10.1109/LGRS.2015.2418159.


Soil organic carbon (SOC) storage plays a major role in the global carbon cycle and is affected by many factors including land use/management changes (e.g., biofuel production-oriented changes). However, the contributions of various factors to SOC changes are not well understood and quantified. This study was designed to investigate the impacts of changing farming practices, initial SOC levels, and biological enhancement of grain production on SOC dynamics and to attribute the relative contributions of major driving forces (CO2 enrichment and farming practices) using a fractional factorial modeling design. The case study at a crop site in Iowa in the United States demonstrated that the traditional corn-soybean (CS) rotation could still [...]


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Yiping Wu

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