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Per-and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) and associated ancillary data from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA, 2019


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Duris, J.W., Eicholtz, L.W., Williams, A., and Shull, D., 2021, Per-and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) and associated ancillary data from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA, 2019: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


The USGS Pennsylvania Water Science Center (USGS PAWSC) in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) has assembled this data release in support of ongoing USGS and PADEP evaluations related to the occurrence and distribution of Per-and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) within Pennsylvania surface water. The data is of four general types: Discrete sample (one moment in time) PFAS concentration data from untreated surface water (raw stream and raw lake water) intended to describe environmental occurrence and distribution of PFAS, not to assess risk in drinking water; Quality-control (QC) PFAS data from samples intended to evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of PFAS data collection [...]


Point of Contact :
Joseph W Duris
Originator :
Joseph W Duris, Lee W Eicholtz, Amy Williams, Dustin Shull
Metadata Contact :
Linda F Zarr
Publisher :
U.S. Geological Survey
Distributor :
U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase
SDC Data Owner :
Pennsylvania Water Science Center
USGS Mission Area :
Water Resources

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dataset.5_PA_PFAS_stream_passive_201909_ wide_blanks_simple.csv 1.33 KB text/csv
dataset.6_PA_PFAS_stream_passive_2019_long_advanced.csv 215.38 KB text/csv
dataset.7_PA_PFAS_USGS_equipment_cleaning_blanks_201906.csv 8.12 KB text/csv
dataset.8_PA_PFAS_Irreplicate_Samples.csv 132.25 KB text/csv
dataset.9_PA_PFAS_Station_Information.csv 76.03 KB text/csv


The primary objective of this work is to use the Pennsylvania Water Quality Network as a framework to assess the occurrence, distribution, and concentration of Per and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) and PFAS precursor-molecules in Pennsylvania surface water.



  • USGS Chesapeake Bay
  • USGS Data Release Products
  • USGS Pennsylvania Water Science Center



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DOI doi:10.5066/P9L4AHN2

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