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Digital elevation models of the coast of Alaska part 3: Cape Espenberg to Cape Prince of Wales


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Nolan, M., Gibbs, A.E., and Snyder, A.G., 2022, Alaska coastal orthoimagery and elevation data: Icy Cape to Cape Prince of Wales, 2016: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


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shish_A2_dem_20cm-2-1x_cog.tif 96.61 MB image/tiff
shish_A3_dem_20cm-2-2x_cog.tif 211.15 MB image/tiff
shish_B_dem_20cm-3-1x_cog.tif 443.89 MB image/tiff
shish_B_dem_20cm-5-1x_cog.tif 424.79 MB image/tiff
shish_A1_dem_20cm-1-1x_cog.tif 473 MB image/tiff
shish_B_dem_20cm-0-3x_cog.tif 538.79 MB image/tiff
shish_B_dem_20cm-1-2x_cog.tif 533.17 MB image/tiff
shish_B_dem_20cm-3-2x_cog.tif 978.77 MB image/tiff
shish_A2_dem_20cm-0-1x_cog.tif 822.27 MB image/tiff
shish_A3_dem_20cm-0-2x_cog.tif 589.91 MB image/tiff
shish_B_dem_20cm-4-1x_cog.tif 1.29 GB image/tiff
shish_A1_dem_20cm-1-0x_cog.tif 645 MB image/tiff
shish_D_dem_20cm-4-3x_cog.tif 206.82 MB image/tiff
shish_B_dem_20cm-2-2x_cog.tif 1.35 GB image/tiff
shish_C_dem_20cm-4-2x_cog.tif 445.79 MB image/tiff
shish_D_dem_20cm-5-1x_cog.tif 189.28 MB image/tiff
148.81 MB image/tiff
224.42 MB image/tiff
1.09 GB image/tiff
shish_A3_dem_20cm-1-2x_cog.tif 1.44 GB image/tiff
shish_A1_dem_20cm-0-1x_cog.tif 1 GB image/tiff
shish_C_dem_20cm-2-3x_cog.tif 789.17 MB image/tiff
shish_B_dem_20cm-1-3x_cog.tif 972.16 MB image/tiff
shish_C_dem_20cm-1-4x_cog.tif 209.33 MB image/tiff
shish_D_dem_20cm-3-2x_cog.tif 62.52 MB image/tiff
shish_A2_dem_20cm-1-1x_cog.tif 1.35 GB image/tiff
shish_C_dem_20cm-2-2x_cog.tif 361.88 MB image/tiff
shish_C_dem_20cm-0-3x_cog.tif 63.25 MB image/tiff
shish_D_dem_20cm-2-4x_cog.tif 689.19 MB image/tiff
shish_C_dem_20cm-1-3x_cog.tif 1.07 GB image/tiff
shish_D_dem_20cm-1-5x_cog.tif 67.16 MB image/tiff
shish_C_dem_20cm-5-1x_cog.tif 371.86 MB image/tiff
shish_D_dem_20cm-1-4x_cog.tif 802.47 MB image/tiff
shish_D_dem_20cm-5-2x_cog.tif 585.24 MB image/tiff
shish_D_dem_20cm-4-2x_cog.tif 1,021.81 MB image/tiff
shish_C_dem_20cm-4-1x_cog.tif 1,019.02 MB image/tiff
shish_C_dem_20cm-3-2x_cog.tif 1.16 GB image/tiff


  • Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center


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