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Social system of round-tailed ground squirrels


Dunford, Christopher, Social system of round-tailed ground squirrels: .


The social system of round-tailed ground squirrels, Spermophilus tereticaudus, is quantitatively described in terms of seasonal changes in interaction rates, the effect of age and sex on type and frequency of interaction, the differential response to kin and non-kin, the determinants of dominance, including territoriality, the associations between classes of individuals, and the dispersion of home ranges and core areas. From January to March, the adult squirrels were sociable and nonterritorial. Following copulation in March, they were unsociable and territorial. In May and June, juveniles lived mainly within their mothers' territories. Those juveniles that did not disperse from the study area in late June established territories near [...]


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  • Upper Colorado River Basin



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