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A History of Utah Water Law


Olds, Jerry D, A History of Utah Water Law: .


Utah'shistory over the past several hundred years and the availabilityof water correlate closely and help to explain its past.Water influenced the way of life of the Native Americansand when the Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt LakeValley in July 1847 the availability of water would determinetheir method of colonizing the region. Out of necessity, pioneersadopted the concept of the prior appropriation doctrine, which fundamentalprinciple is first in time, first in right. Much ofthe early administration and development of water in Utah wasdone under cooperative irrigation systems. Initially the State Engineer hadlimited power and authority to only measure stream flow, approveplans for dams and assist in resolving water disputes. [...]


Author :
Olds, Jerry D


  • Upper Colorado River Basin



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