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Lake Erie Tributaries: Nutrient and streamflow trend results


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Choquette, A.F., Hirsch, R.M., and Murphy, J.C., 2018, Nutrient and streamflow model-input data (1974-2016) and trend results (1987-2016) for selected Lake Erie tributaries: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This data set includes WRTDS nutrient flux trend results and the values of daily streamflow trend results displayed in the Quantile-Kendall plots. For 1995-2015 nutrient trends, the method of generalized flow normalization (FNG) was used which explicitly addresses non-stationary streamflow conditions. For 2005-2015 nutrient trends, the WRTDS trend analyses used the method of stationary flow normalization (FNS) because streamflow nonstationarity is difficult to assess over this shorter duration time frame. The 1995-2015 annual nutrient trends were determined for all five nutrient parameters (TP, SRP, TN, NO23, TKN), and monthly trends were evaluated only for SRP. The 2005-2015 annual nutrient trends were determined for the three parameters [...]


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AnnualNutrientTrends_1995-2015.csv 5.7 KB text/csv
AnnualNutrientTrends_2005-2015.csv 2.95 KB text/csv 49.45 KB application/zip
MonthlySRPTrends_1995-2015.csv 1.3 KB text/csv
Quantile-Kendall-plots.pdf 180.57 KB application/pdf


These data support the following publication: Choquette, A.F., Hirsch, R.M., Murphy, J.C., Johnson, L.T., and Confesor, R.B. Jr., 2019, Tracking changes in nutrient delivery to western Lake Erie: approaches to compensate for variability and trends in streamflow: J. of Great Lakes Research, v. 45, no. 1, p. 21-39, These datasets contain water-quality WRTDS trend results, and daily streamflow (discharge) trend results and statistics associated with the Quantile-Kendall plots.

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