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Justin Schueller, 2019, GBSinkingRate-DataSummary: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


The lampricide formulation 3.2% Bayluscide® Granular Sea Lamprey Larvicide (gB) is applied at the water’s surface and falls through the water column to the benthic habitat of larval sea lamprey. Knowledge of how gB falls through the water column is critical to effective delivery of the time release formulation. The average sinking rate of gB was determined at a temperature of 15.0⁰C (13.8-16.0⁰C). Water depth did not have a statistically significant effect on gB sinking rate. The average sinking rate was found to be 7.01 cm/sec (0.230 ft/sec) which corresponds to a falling rate of 14.3 sec/meter (4.35 sec/ft). Average time to Bayluscide release is 218 seconds. A model was created to predict how big of a buffer region is required in [...]

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Justin R Schueller
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Justin R Schueller
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Justin R Schueller
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GS ScienceBase

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Data was collected on the time it took individual granules to fall though a water column to evaluate sinking rate. Data on individual granules releasing Bayluscide was collected to evaluate Bayluscide release time. Data on granule size and mass was collected in order to calculate the granules drag force.



  • Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (UMESC)



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