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GFLOW groundwater flow model of the St. Louis River Basin, Minnesota


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Haserodt, M.J., Hunt, R.J., Cowdery, T.K., Leaf, A.T., and Baker, A.C., 2019, GFLOW groundwater flow model of the St. Louis River Basin, Minnesota: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


A two-dimensional, steady-state groundwater flow model of the St. Louis River Basin (SLRB) was developed using the analytic-element computer code, GFLOW, to provide an understanding of the regional groundwater flow system. In analytic-element models significant streams and lakes in the model domain are represented as linesink elements. Analytic-element models, such as the SLRB regional model, can be a screening model which provides a simplified version of a hydrologic system, completed ahead of a more complex modeling effort. For this study, the regional screening model was refined to focus on extensive ditching in the central SLRB, a wetland-rich area to the south of the Iron Range. Two smaller models were developed in this area—a [...]


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The purpose of the screening groundwater flow model was to better understand the shallow groundwater-flow system in the St .Louis River Basin (SLRB) and to provide a regional context for future, inset groundwater-flow models. The purpose of the ditch scenario models was to evaluate the effects of ditching in the wetlands located in the central SLRB. The development of the model input and output files for the inset models included in this data release are documented in the U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report (
Image of the nearfield and farfield model domains.
Image of the nearfield and farfield model domains.



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These data were originally released on the Water Mission Area National Spatial Data Infrastructure Node and were migrated to in 2023.

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DOI doi:10.5066/P9KUJ0L3

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